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Clats and Kicks Women's Ninety-7 Knotaclat Bracelet



EXCLUSIVE DROP from Rastaclat! Inspired by the Nike Airmax Ninety 7, positivity found and just in time for music festival season, this Rastaclat Women’s Clats and Kicks Ninety-7 Knotaclat Bracelet breaks the mold. This pastel kandi, rave music festival bracelet features an adjustable baby pink and black knotted shoelace design with the Rastaclat “Seek the Positive” slogan printed on one cord, blue and purple rubberized hardware, and black contrast emblems. Pairing perfectly with the Airmax 97, this is next level #clatandkicks goals and extra plur vibes.

* Rastaclat Festival Sport Bracelets
* Special Clats and Kicks Collection
* 100% Polyester
* One Size Fits Most - 6"-7.5" wrist circumference
* Rubberized hardware and contrast emblems
* Black/Purple/Pink/Turquoise in color