Back To School, Back To Reality

Posted by Mia on 8/2/2016 to Bag of Goodies

Every August, students of all ages are preparing for the dreaded return back to school. Although they are grateful for the opportunity to receive an education, back to school means the end of summers freedom. While most students flock towards department stores with mass produced products, others look for pieces that represent them as an individual. Betsey Johnson has created the chicest matching backpack and lunchbox. They are made from black vegan leather with white horizontal stripes and feature a large fuchsia bow with gold hardware. Betsey Johnson is one of the most creative designers of today and truly thinks of Kitsch designs for every occasion. If you are headed to the weekly football game to support your school, Betsey has created the Play The Field crossbody bag. The Football shaped bag is made from fuchsia vegan leather and accented with cheer-leading pom-poms and graphic fonts. Literally, no one will have one! For students with a love for all things cosmic and fantasy, the Loungefly R2D2 vegan leather backpack allows you to show your love for your favorite droid while supporting your schooling needs. If you are looking for something besides a backpack to carry your belongings, Loungefly also created the Floral Storm Trooper Tote bag. It features a storm trooper graphic pictured through floral and galaxy prints. For those looking to show their darker side, the Kill Star Ritual Ring Messenger Bag is right for you. This messenger bag is made from black vegan leather and features silver hardware with pentagram details. No matter what your back to school style, LA Style Rush has got you covered!

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Major Quay

Posted by Mia on 7/26/2016 to Shade Blockers

Quay Australia has quickly become a leader in modern eyewear. They have gained a large social media following due to their celebrity clientele. What truly put Quay on the map is their amazing collaborations with various high profile makeup artists. Each with their own style, these limited edition shades have been selling out everywhere but some are still available with LA Style Rush. The first collab was with Shay Mitchell, her Vesper 2.0 design is a dramatic cat eye which is available in Clear, White, and Black. Amanda Steele created the Muse Sunnies, which are mirrored aviator style and come in blue, purple, pink, and red. The Muse glasses are perfect for matching any outfit for any occasion. Another fabulous collaboration was with YouTube star Chrisspy. Her designs were a great mix of masculine and feminine styles. The Gemini Rose being a top seller mixes a masculine frame with a Rose Gold color that is to die for. The Jetlag has a matte black frame with Rose Gold lenses. The Mila sunglasses are a more squared frame with blue lenses. Finally, the Desi Perkins collaboration was probably the most popular we’ve seen so far. With the High Key, a flat aviator style, selling out within two days we are left with the T.Y.S.M’s and On The Low Sunglasses. The T.Y.S.M’s are a black horn rimmed cat eye with mint colored lenses. On The Low is a more masculine straight matte black frame with gold arms. Each designer has brought their own personal style to their collaboration. Keep an eye out for future releases and new designers.

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Foodie Cutie

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When we think of summer the first that comes to mind is food. All of the barbeques, picnics, and county fair provide us with an abundance of options to satisfy our cravings or simply to try something new and daring. In recent years, food festivals have blossomed with the growth of the food truck industry. Using social media, these independent pop up eateries have built their own fan base. These eager eaters are able to follow their favorite trucks to which ever corner they choose to settle down for the night. No matter what your favorite summer eating activity, we have something for you. If you are heading to a mellow picnic, The Betsey Johnson Kitsch That’s My Jam Purse is a fun way to show your love for the simpler foods out there. Family barbeques tend to be a bit rowdier and a great time to meet your significant others family, impress them with the Betsey Johnson Kitsch Avocado Wristlet. If you’re planning on attending one of the many food festivals of the summer, the Buckle Down Hot Dog Belt is perfect for keeping your pants up when you need to unbutton from a food coma. County fairs brings large crowds and even larger food choices. If you want a show stopper piece, choose the 7Luxe Pom Pom Snowcone Wristlet. Whatever your favorite activity is, we have pieces that will help you express your love of all things food.

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Make Up Maven

Posted by Mia on 7/12/2016 to Bag of Goodies

The cosmetic industry has grown 17% in the last year alone. Make up has become a part of the everyday lives of billions of people. From celebrity endorsed brands to Social Media power houses, beauty influence is all around us. There are so many aspects of the industry including skin care, lashes, contouring kits, lip kits, and shadow palettes which are currently some of the most in demand products. Some make up enthusiasts have invested in amazing storage for their products fitting the needs of one’s own personal aesthetic. It is crucial to portray your personal image to society, making not only the way you apply make up important, but also what you choose to carry it in. If you have a sweet tooth and love to portray it, 7Luxe makes mouthwatering cosmetic bags with printed Donuts, Pineapples, Watermelons, or every girl’s favorite, Chocolate. If you have a very cutesy style the Betsey Johnson Kitsch Panda and Whale bags will match perfectly your adorable personality. For those that prefer a simpler palette Wildfox makes a clean Polka Dot bag that comes in black in white or pink and cream. Every cosmetic company knows that presentation is key, which is why each company has created its own identifiable packaging. It is important to keep your products organized while on the go, so why not do so with a little bit of flare?

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Comic Con: Super Babe

Posted by Mia on 7/6/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Every July people head down south to combine nerd forces at San Diego Comic Con. The convention has become the largest in the world with something exciting for people of all ages. It is important to head there prepared for plenty of walking, YRU collaborated with Sanrio to make the most comfortable platform sneakers. The Qozmo Lo features the Little Twin Stars, allowing you to look hella kawaii and not kill your feet. For keeping all of your personal belongings in one place, 7LUXE makes the cutest Luna and Artemis crossbody bag for all of you Sailor Scouts out there. Accessories can make or break an outfit, the Kill Star Meow Choker will go perfectly paired with a kitty ear headband to walk to convention floor. Eventually you are going to get hungry and need to venture out to the streets in search of food. The Tokidoki So Kawaii Snapback is the great for keeping the California sunshine out of your face. Another great accessory for Babes and Dudes is the Buckle Down x Pokemon seatbelt belt. This great belt features the original starter Pokemon and will go great with an Ash or Misty cosplay. The days are long at the Con, and if you’re not the partying type, the Totoro Black Dust slippers are amazingly comfortable to wear when you get back to your hotel to relax. No matter what you’re in to, we have great pieces that can complete your cosplays or outfits.

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