Siren Song

Posted by LA Style Rush on 4/15/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Siren SongDance in the rain, wild salt air in your hair, tossed by the waves - you do not sink. As myth and legend of siren lore, you’re the sexy bitch of the sea and dgaf if people believe you’re real. Throw shade with Quay Australia sunnies, catch a glare in a J Valentine rainbow deep plunging bodysuit, don’t give a flip in Hipanema bracelets and wait for the moon tide to come in. As the sun sets and the music fades into a wanderlust dream of Coachella color and vibes, throw on your American Needle Raglan hat, Jujube backpack and keep on dancing in your YRU light up platform shoes in aquatic hologram. As you and the squad rock Betsey Johnson and TokiDoki deep into the night, you sing pure and unadulterated lyrics to the heavenly skies. [Read more]

Escape to Wonderland

Posted by LA Style Rush on 3/21/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Escape to WonderlandDance down the rabbit hole, roll through the endless sea and party into Indio in proper rave outfits and festival clothing inspired by Beyond Wonderland, Coachella and music festival style. Hologram bodysuits, emoji necklaces, TokiDoki bags, J Valentine mermaid high waisted bottoms and cosplay styling make for added oddity to your PLUR vibes. Accessorized by the newest festival collection collaborations for Quay Australia Sunglasses, armed with Hipanema kandi and YRU platform shoes, you’re sure to get curiouser and curiouser wanderlusting in that electric daisy, mad hatter musical euphoria, as you go beyond wonderland. [Read more]

Psychedelic Indio

Posted by LA Style Rush on 3/1/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Psychedelic IndioDesert sun on palpable beats. Welcome festival season. Styled with J Valentine light up leg wraps, Quay Australia sunnies, TokiDoki or Rastaclat kandi, you're sure to match the drop in your bold creativity, uninhibited in your self-expression and musical reveries. Dance the night away. [Read more]

Back To School, Back To Reality

Posted by Mia on 8/2/2016 to Bag of Goodies

Every August, students of all ages are preparing for the dreaded return back to school. Although they are grateful for the opportunity to receive an education, back to school means the end of summers freedom. While most students flock towards department stores with mass produced products, others look for pieces that represent them as an individual. Betsey Johnson has created the chicest matching backpack and lunchbox. They are made from black vegan leather with white horizontal stripes and feature a large fuchsia bow with gold hardware. Betsey Johnson is one of the most creative designers of today and truly thinks of Kitsch designs for every occasion. If you are headed to the weekly football game to support your school, Betsey has created the Play The Field crossbody bag. The Football shaped bag is made from fuchsia vegan leather and accented with cheer-leading pom-poms and graphic fonts. Literally, no one will have one! For students with a love for all things cosmic and fantasy, the Loungefly R2D2 vegan leather backpack allows you to show your love for your favorite droid while supporting your schooling needs. If you are looking for something besides a backpack to carry your belongings, Loungefly also created the Floral Storm Trooper Tote bag. It features a storm trooper graphic pictured through floral and galaxy prints. For those looking to show their darker side, the Kill Star Ritual Ring Messenger Bag is right for you. This messenger bag is made from black vegan leather and features silver hardware with pentagram details. No matter what your back to school style, LA Style Rush has got you covered!

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Major Quay

Posted by Mia on 7/26/2016 to Shade Blockers

Quay Australia has quickly become a leader in modern eyewear. They have gained a large social media following due to their celebrity clientele. What truly put Quay on the map is their amazing collaborations with various high profile makeup artists. Each with their own style, these limited edition shades have been selling out everywhere but some are still available with LA Style Rush. The first collab was with Shay Mitchell, her Vesper 2.0 design is a dramatic cat eye which is available in Clear, White, and Black. Amanda Steele created the Muse Sunnies, which are mirrored aviator style and come in blue, purple, pink, and red. The Muse glasses are perfect for matching any outfit for any occasion. Another fabulous collaboration was with YouTube star Chrisspy. Her designs were a great mix of masculine and feminine styles. The Gemini Rose being a top seller mixes a masculine frame with a Rose Gold color that is to die for. The Jetlag has a matte black frame with Rose Gold lenses. The Mila sunglasses are a more squared frame with blue lenses. Finally, the Desi Perkins collaboration was probably the most popular we’ve seen so far. With the High Key, a flat aviator style, selling out within two days we are left with the T.Y.S.M’s and On The Low Sunglasses. The T.Y.S.M’s are a black horn rimmed cat eye with mint colored lenses. On The Low is a more masculine straight matte black frame with gold arms. Each designer has brought their own personal style to their collaboration. Keep an eye out for future releases and new designers.

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