What to Wear on Halloween | #GIRLGANG

Posted by LA Style Rush on 10/1/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
What to Wear on Halloween

We spend the whole year planning Halloween. No really! It’s our favorite holiday and we’re always looking for something amazing to be - but then we always wait for the last minute to get dressed LOL. This year, LA Style Rush made it super simple for you and your #girlsquad to be a little squad of horrors come Halloween.

Girls just want to have fun, not take things too seriously yet still want to look fly as hell - so here’s a guide to getting ready for Halloween:

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Burning Man Guide for Virgins by @sky_sky_

Posted by @sky_sky_ on 9/8/2017 to Shop THE LOOK

There's only so much that people can tell you about Burning Man. I've heard countless stories and been given tons of advice about BM, but it's nothing compared to experiencing it in person. Honestly, nothing that has been said, can do it justice! Just being there and absorbing the time yourself cannot be described. It’s a big thing to say, but I had one of the best times of my life!

Sky's Burning Man Guide

I remember riding my bike across the playa at 6am, on the way back to my camp, and caught a glimpse of the scene behind me. A tear rolled down my cheek as I stared at the sunrise in awe. It was unbelievable. The beauty was unreal.

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Back to School Style Guide | Rebel with a Cause

Posted by LA Style Rush on 8/1/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Back to School

We legit hate to talk about “Back to School” - but it’s inevitable. So why not make a bad thing gucci? Here’s a little breakdown of back to school must haves that give zero f*cks while looking super tumblr.

  1. Colored Lens Rave Sunglasses

They can ask you to remove your sunglasses, but if they are “clear” or just colored, for all they know, you need the color to help you focus.

  1. Rave Accessories

You might get detention for talking back, so why not express yourself through a graphic Sprayground backpack, Loungefly backpack or TokiDoki hat that has as much attitude as you do.

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Six Things to Pack on Vacation this Summer

Posted by LA Style Rush on 7/15/2017 to Shop THE LOOK

The most important thing about summer vacay is the opportunity to travel to paradise, but what to bring is the question! Here are 6 items that will elevate your wanderlust style abroad while also prove to be an easy carry on.

  1. Loose Printed Shorts
    These babies are comfortable to wear lounging at the spot, beach, and easily repurposed as a headwrap. Yes we said it. Plus, nothing says “ON VACAY” than a pair of crazy printed shorts.
  2. Big Frame Sunnies
    Look, we can’t do full makeup all day err day, so just cover half your face. DUH. Do good with new shades from TOMs or rock out our fan fave Quay Australia. For something different check out Spitfire or 7Luxe. You’re welcome.
  3. The Stand-Out Crossbody
    We should always look fun and stylish no matter where we go - so pick up a funky crossbody from Betsey Johnson or Loungefly that is big enough to fit only the necessities (chapstick, ID, cash, phone, kandi), yet totally be stylishly obnoxious.
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7 Things To Do With the Bestie this Summer

Posted by LA Style Rush on 6/22/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Forever Young School’s out and we’re already making bad choices that are 2 good 2 be 4 gotten. Afterall you only live once and we’ll be forever young right? Prove it! In yoga pants and easy to wear tops, we pack up and head out. Here are 7 things to put on the summer bucket list to check off with the bestie:

  1. Dye each other’s hair. This could be a horrible idea. But it might also be awesome, unicorn.
  2. Go to the beach or lake. Commit to getting near water. Something about it is soothing and we all need a little vitamin D. Bring all those magazines you’ve been meaning to look through, your yearbook to flip through, and talk shit. Pack sustenance - aka snacks and water for the day. Don’t forget the sunscreen, volleyball, and of course your phone, because boys and snapchat.
  3. Exercise. Ok, this sounds super dumb. But honestly, a hike, bike ride or run might get you into some awesome trouble. Plus, how hilarious is it to watch each other huff and puff. We’re the best! Then find a cafe and eat your heart out, cuz you just worked out and earned it.
  4. Go to a festival or rave. Literally. What would summer be without a festival or summer concert? Put those YRU shoes on, mesh bodysuits, dan-pak hydration packs and your most unique sequence of plur kandi style made of hipanema, wanderlust + co and rastaclat. Take lots of pics, sing a long, stay out late - but make good choices cuz --- duh.
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