Foodie Cutie
Posted on 7/19/2016 to Bag of Goodies

When we think of summer the first that comes to mind is food. All of the barbeques, picnics, and county fair provide us with an abundance of options to satisfy our cravings or simply to try something new and daring. In recent years, food festivals have blossomed with the growth of the food truck industry. Using social media, these independent pop up eateries have built their own fan base. These eager eaters are able to follow their favorite trucks to which ever corner they choose to settle down for the night. No matter what your favorite summer eating activity, we have something for you. If you are heading to a mellow picnic, The Betsey Johnson Kitsch That’s My Jam Purse is a fun way to show your love for the simpler foods out there. Family barbeques tend to be a bit rowdier and a great time to meet your significant others family, impress them with the Betsey Johnson Kitsch Avocado Wristlet. If you’re planning on attending one of the many food festivals of the summer, the Buckle Down Hot Dog Belt is perfect for keeping your pants up when you need to unbutton from a food coma. County fairs brings large crowds and even larger food choices. If you want a show stopper piece, choose the 7Luxe Pom Pom Snowcone Wristlet. Whatever your favorite activity is, we have pieces that will help you express your love of all things food.

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Make Up Maven
Posted on 7/12/2016 to Bag of Goodies

The cosmetic industry has grown 17% in the last year alone. Make up has become a part of the everyday lives of billions of people. From celebrity endorsed brands to Social Media power houses, beauty influence is all around us. There are so many aspects of the industry including skin care, lashes, contouring kits, lip kits, and shadow palettes which are currently some of the most in demand products. Some make up enthusiasts have invested in amazing storage for their products fitting the needs of one’s own personal aesthetic. It is crucial to portray your personal image to society, making not only the way you apply make up important, but also what you choose to carry it in. If you have a sweet tooth and love to portray it, 7Luxe makes mouthwatering cosmetic bags with printed Donuts, Pineapples, Watermelons, or every girl’s favorite, Chocolate. If you have a very cutesy style the Betsey Johnson Kitsch Panda and Whale bags will match perfectly your adorable personality. For those that prefer a simpler palette Wildfox makes a clean Polka Dot bag that comes in black in white or pink and cream. Every cosmetic company knows that presentation is key, which is why each company has created its own identifiable packaging. It is important to keep your products organized while on the go, so why not do so with a little bit of flare?

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Comic Con: Super Babe
Posted on 7/6/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Every July people head down south to combine nerd forces at San Diego Comic Con. The convention has become the largest in the world with something exciting for people of all ages. It is important to head there prepared for plenty of walking, YRU collaborated with Sanrio to make the most comfortable platform sneakers. The Qozmo Lo features the Little Twin Stars, allowing you to look hella kawaii and not kill your feet. For keeping all of your personal belongings in one place, 7LUXE makes the cutest Luna and Artemis crossbody bag for all of you Sailor Scouts out there. Accessories can make or break an outfit, the Kill Star Meow Choker will go perfectly paired with a kitty ear headband to walk to convention floor. Eventually you are going to get hungry and need to venture out to the streets in search of food. The Tokidoki So Kawaii Snapback is the great for keeping the California sunshine out of your face. Another great accessory for Babes and Dudes is the Buckle Down x Pokemon seatbelt belt. This great belt features the original starter Pokemon and will go great with an Ash or Misty cosplay. The days are long at the Con, and if you’re not the partying type, the Totoro Black Dust slippers are amazingly comfortable to wear when you get back to your hotel to relax. No matter what you’re in to, we have great pieces that can complete your cosplays or outfits.

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Urban Nomad
Posted on 6/27/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Finding your center can be done in various ways. Living in Los Angeles allows its residents the opportunity to live in an urban jungle and travel to various terrains in a matter of minutes. For those who recharge at the beach, MINKPINK’s Rose Water One Piece Swim collection will show your style. On busy days running around town, grab a pressed juice in MINKPINK’s African Trance Playsuit Romper which provides comfort and chic nomadic style. When it’s time for a hike or relaxing yoga in the park, Jammypack’s Woven Sienna Fanny Pack allows you to be active while enjoying your favorite tunes. If you want to accessorize a bit more, Hipanema’s gorgeous beaded bracelets in Aqua and Hope. These intricate pieces will help you express your laid back but adventurous personality all over town.

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All American Girl
Posted on 6/21/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Summer is finally here! With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, all we can focus on is trying to keep cool during these long summer days. Whether you end up at the beach, bbq, or a pool party our All American Girl guide will help you find the perfect look for Independence Day. The Freedom Ringer by Jammypack is the cutest flag inspired fanny pack containing speakers that allows you to listen to your favorites jams during any activity. Whether you’re playing beach volleyball or biking to watch fireworks under the stars, Jammypack with be safely at your side. Some of you may be attending parades in your hometown and need to keep the sun out of your gorgeous eyes. The Wildfox Lip Service sunnies are the perfect way to match your patriotic cherry red lipstick while allowing you to see the floats rolling down the street. For those of you planning to make a splash during the holiday the MINKPINK Sail Away Bikini goes perfectly paired with the MINKPINK Head in the Stars Shorts. To complete your outfit, pick up a Raglan Baseball Hat by American Needle. After all, what’s more American than baseball?

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EDC News: Reflective Footgear
Posted on 6/14/2016 to Foot Fetish

We are continuing our EDC News series with some rad kicks that will knock everybody off their feet. Y.R.U. has a fabulous collection of shoes that make everlasting statements and head turning designs. Here are our two favorite pairs of Y.R.U. shoes that will look stunning for EDC weekend. For all you ravers out there who loves to dance, the Nightmare Reflective Platform Boots will spark up the party in every. The best part of these heels is that they reflect in a black iridescent color way. The best shoes for dancing the night away are the Qozmo Low Key Reflective Platform Sneakers. These reflective baddies will make you scream and shout about how comfortable, how stylish, and how airy they are after doing a whole night of “Running Man”. Plus, they go with any outfit! So jump around the desert with pride because your shoe game will be one point for EDC.

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EDC News: Essential Nightshade
Posted on 6/9/2016 to Shade Blockers

Electric Daisy Carnival weekend is around the corner and we are so excited to share our favorite EDC gears that will blow everyone away. This week we are talking essential nightshades and the “Quay” to success when it comes to sunglasses is finding the right pair that fit your personal style. So here are a few selections of Quay Australia sunglasses we feel any flower child or EDM music head will love. The Quay X Chrisspy Jetlag are anything but ordinary with their contrast of bold and whimsy style; perfect for all the super fans ready to party with their fave DJs. Even bolder than the JetLag, are the Sorry Not Sorry sunglasses in black. These are great for all the kandi masters and flower child that love to stand out because of the vibrant rose mirror lens and funky criss-cross design on the bridge. For all the first-timers that aren’t quite sure where they fit in with all the EDC madness, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Between the fun remix of the It’s A Sin retro black tortoise frame and the Brooklyn futuristic transparent frame, these sunglasses are perfect styles for those who wants to stand out. Last but not least, the Quay X Amanda Steele Muse in Silver/Blue are absolutely electric with it’s stunning blue mirror lens. All the ravers will kill for these bad boys. Make sure to grab some night shades to cover those twinkly eyes in the dark.

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The Mad Hatter
Posted on 6/1/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

We have spotted a trend of classic baseball hats and snap-backs are re-emerging in the fashion scene. Thanks to the one and only Kylie Jenner and other celebrities, it seems that everyone is sporting some new headgear. There are so many cute caps and hats it’s driving us absolutely crazy. We are rooting for American Needle because when it comes to sports cap, they are always ahead of the game. From raglan baseball to flat brim snapbacks, fanatic sport fans will go bonkers over the latest collection from American Needle. Don’t worry if you don’t watch sports, you can still be part of the mad hatter gang. Tokidoki has a wide variety of hats with beautiful and unique designs that put the craze in crazy. Psycho Bunny even has a berserk collection of hats in an array of colors with their signature bunny logo. So stay wacky, but not tacky, with the insane variety of hats we have to offer.

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Down the Rabbit Hole
Posted on 5/27/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Come and explore the wacky world of Wonderland with us as we get ready for the latest installment to the franchise, that premieres this weekend. Alice Through the Looking Glass continues the story of Alice and her daring adventures through the mystical, and twisted, place called Wonderland. We are showing off our love of Alice and her kick-ass attitude with some of our favorite Wonderland inspired items. First, we have the Kill Star Whatever T-shirt that features the bad bitch herself; this shirt really shows-off that killer spunk every Alice girl possesses. Why not add some punk with your tea with the Y.R.U. Wolfestien Platform Boots. The Red Queen would be absolutely jealous of all the attention you are grabbing in these rockin’ boots. Join Alice’s unstoppable girl gang with the Loungefly X Disney Alice in Wonderland Pebble Duffle Bag. We are in just love with the retro Alice print that is a fun throwback to the original Disney animation. It’s time to hop back down the rabbit hole and get sucked into this classic story once again.

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Beach Babe
Posted on 5/19/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Hey everyone, if you guys didn’t know our favorite season of the year is summer time and what better place to celebrate is at the beach. The sun, the sand, the waves, it just makes us want to head down to the pier. We want you all to celebrate this very summer right by looking like total babes while sunbathing on the shore. Here are a few selections we’ve picked out for you. Take this Betsey Johnson Kitsch Fishy Crossbody bag as an example, it’s so playful and charming you can’t help but smile when you see it. For the haters that want to kill your summer vibe, block them out with the Quay Australia Screaming Diva Sunglasses. These beauties are cooler than the snow cones at the concession stand. Make any man want to be your bae in the Wildfox Fairy Hologram Ruffle Bikini Top and Bottom. This swim set screams summer fun with its darling rainbow pastel colors that remind us of the sun reflecting off the ocean. As the great rapper Will Smith said, “Summertime, time to sit back and unwind.”

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Betsey Johnson: The Queen of Kitsch
Posted on 5/12/2016 to Bag of Goodies

So cute, so fun, so quirky. Betsey Johnson has brought the word kitsch to a positive light. We absolute adore the playful designs that bring out our inner child. We believe fashion is all about having fun, so here’s a list of selection of Betsey Johnson products that we adore.

1. Even though avocados may cost extra, the quirky Kitsch Avocado Wristlet is absolutely priceless. It’s so whimsical and random, like who would think of caring a wallet and lipstick in an avocado, Betsey Johnson that’s who.
2. The Kitsch Betsey Soda Crossbody Handbag is the bee’s knees. This refreshing can of cuteness is so bubbly it can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Plus, it makes us thirst for a can of pop.
3. Since summer is almost here we think it’s time to cool down with the Kitsch Ice Cream Sandwich Wristlet. The delicious bag is a great lightweight purse that will make your summer fit look super sweet. It’s crazy how this adorably hot wristlet won’t melt in your hand.

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Jenny Bird: Fly With Jenny Bird
Posted on 5/5/2016 to Jewelure

Minimalism is the new black and we are OBSESSED about it. One of our new favorite brands is Jenny Bird jewelry. Their designs are pieces of art any cool girl would die to wear. So here are some of our favorite statement pieces. The Dore Crawlers Earrings in Rose Gold are super trendy and add a great touch of edge for any everyday look. The Blanchett Cuff Bangle in Gold is perfect for the sophisticated ladies out there that want to add a touch of glamour to her look. The Watson Collar Necklace gives bold power that is perfect for any unconventional woman out there.

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Dear Mom
Posted on 4/28/2016 to Shop THE LOOK

Mother’s Day is around the corner and finding the right gift to show your love can be stressful. But don’t worry, we have selected some very thoughtful gifts for that special woman on this coming Mother’s Day.

1. The Bee Mine Shopper Handbag from Betsey Johnson is the perfect look for this sizzling summer. It’s great for carrying essentials for work or any day trip.
2. The Raen Optics Maude Sunglasses in Chateau give a polished, sophisticated look to any outfit that would make all moms feel like a boss.
3. If your looking for something more sentimental, try the Dogeard Pearls of Love Necklace in gold. This beautiful and delicate pearl necklace is a timeless piece that can make any mom smile. The heartfelt message card that comes with the necklace will express all the love and gratitude itself.
Say thank you to all the mother figures out there by giving them something they will truly remember, your love.

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Y.R.U: So Fly
Posted on 4/21/2016 to Foot Fetish

Y.R.U. is notorious for their kick-ass shoes. The killer designs, the outrageous height on some of the heels, and the IDGAF attitude makes Y.R.U. one of our favorite brands. So we complied a list of our Top 5 Y.R.U. Shoes (as of right now) that will bring your shoe game to the next level:

1. Kicking off the list is the Nightcall Hi Platform Heels in Pink. These sexy Franken-heels are perfect for any party, concert, or rave. Or, wear them to go grocery shopping. With a 6.5” of heel, you’ll be sure to stand out of the crowd.
The Black Craft Stars and Moon Ankle Boots brings out the inner witch in us. This fun, reflective laser cut boots will give an extra shine to any outfit. You’ll cast a spell on everyone with these beauties.
3. The Karazii Mesh Platform Sneakers in Rainbow is the perfect blend of street and cuteness. Walk with pride in these 3” platforms and celebrate at any Pride Parade or just any celebration in general.
These one of a kind Y.R.U. X LASR Qloud 2091 Pom Pom Flatforms Oxfords are so adorable with their crazy colored pom poms. It makes you wonder, “How did those little guys get in there in the first place?” Whether the case maybe, these are the perfect collaboration of Y.R.U. creativity and our trendsetting brand. Be the envy of your friends with these exclusive kicks.
5. Last, but far from least, are the Qozmo Aiire Hologram Sneakers. These are the softest sneakers ever; it feels like your feet are walking on clouds. Plus, the sole lights up in multiple colors, so you can rave it up ‘til the crack of dawn without any foot aches.

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The Bold and The Shady
Posted on 4/15/2016 to Shade Blockers

Bold is beautiful. Making a statement is the wave this summer and it’s coming in strong in eyewear. So it’s time for all you wallflowers to stand out from the crowd, because who doesn’t love a little bit of drama.

1.) The Wildfox Sun Pearl Deluxe Sunglasses is the perfect ode to hippie chic even Jimi Hendrix would be proud.
2.) The Quay X Shay Mitchell White Vesper Sunglasses gives the perfect blend of edgy and modern that is similar to actress Shay Mitchell’s iconic style.
3.) The Spitfire Trip Hop Flat Lens in Silver/Red look marvelous during sunsets on the coast, but let’s be honest, these sunglasses look marvelous period.
4.) We’ve added Komono Sunglasses to our family and for a good reason. These Komono Stella Printed Floral demand attention with their thick angular frames and kick-ass vintage floral print.
5.) The Raen Luci Sunglasses in Black will have people doing double takes with their fun, soft octagon shaped frames.
6.) Even our own brand, 7 Luxe , will give you that bad-ass cat-eye look with Eerie Flat Lens Sunglasses in Black/Pink. The updated cat-eye frame with its pink mirror lens will redefine meaning to fierce.

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