7 Things To Do With the Bestie this Summer

Posted by LA Style Rush on 6/22/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Forever Young School’s out and we’re already making bad choices that are 2 good 2 be 4 gotten. Afterall you only live once and we’ll be forever young right? Prove it! In yoga pants and easy to wear tops, we pack up and head out. Here are 7 things to put on the summer bucket list to check off with the bestie:

  1. Dye each other’s hair. This could be a horrible idea. But it might also be awesome, unicorn.
  2. Go to the beach or lake. Commit to getting near water. Something about it is soothing and we all need a little vitamin D. Bring all those magazines you’ve been meaning to look through, your yearbook to flip through, and talk shit. Pack sustenance - aka snacks and water for the day. Don’t forget the sunscreen, volleyball, and of course your phone, because boys and snapchat.
  3. Exercise. Ok, this sounds super dumb. But honestly, a hike, bike ride or run might get you into some awesome trouble. Plus, how hilarious is it to watch each other huff and puff. We’re the best! Then find a cafe and eat your heart out, cuz you just worked out and earned it.
  4. Go to a festival or rave. Literally. What would summer be without a festival or summer concert? Put those YRU shoes on, mesh bodysuits, dan-pak hydration packs and your most unique sequence of plur kandi style made of hipanema, wanderlust + co and rastaclat. Take lots of pics, sing a long, stay out late - but make good choices cuz --- duh.
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Spiritual Goddess

Posted by LA Style Rush on 5/18/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Spiritual Goddess Give gratitude to Mother Earth and pull focus back to center self after festival season. Breathe deep in J. Valentine mesh bodysuits, bending in Hipanema releasing the blocked energy in our 7 chakras and refuel in time for summer moon. Delve into the desert mystic in House of Harlow. Yield to the sky wearing Fraiser Sterling. Flow with eyes closed under Quay Australia cateye sunglasses. Ebb, rave and dance in the balance of heaven and earth, light and dark, altering new experiences derived from our past and creating a new future. Transition from your physical bodies into a spiritual place, renewing the mind and repacking your Loungefly Disney backpacks with Spirithoods and a Komono watch, to lose track of time. Once again, with soul calm and ashes to fire, set out on a new spellbound journey toting Wanderlust + Co. trinkets for the goddess in you. [Read more]

Siren Song

Posted by LA Style Rush on 4/15/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Siren SongDance in the rain, wild salt air in your hair, tossed by the waves - you do not sink. As myth and legend of siren lore, you’re the sexy bitch of the sea and dgaf if people believe you’re real. Throw shade with Quay Australia sunnies, catch a glare in a J Valentine rainbow deep plunging bodysuit, don’t give a flip in Hipanema bracelets and wait for the moon tide to come in. As the sun sets and the music fades into a wanderlust dream of Coachella color and vibes, throw on your American Needle Raglan hat, Jujube backpack and keep on dancing in your YRU light up platform shoes in aquatic hologram. As you and the squad rock Betsey Johnson and TokiDoki deep into the night, you sing pure and unadulterated lyrics to the heavenly skies. [Read more]

Escape to Wonderland

Posted by LA Style Rush on 3/21/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Escape to WonderlandDance down the rabbit hole, roll through the endless sea and party into Indio in proper rave outfits and festival clothing inspired by Beyond Wonderland, Coachella and music festival style. Hologram bodysuits, emoji necklaces, TokiDoki bags, J Valentine mermaid high waisted bottoms and cosplay styling make for added oddity to your PLUR vibes. Accessorized by the newest festival collection collaborations for Quay Australia Sunglasses, armed with Hipanema kandi and YRU platform shoes, you’re sure to get curiouser and curiouser wanderlusting in that electric daisy, mad hatter musical euphoria, as you go beyond wonderland. [Read more]

Psychedelic Indio

Posted by LA Style Rush on 3/1/2017 to Shop THE LOOK
Psychedelic IndioDesert sun on palpable beats. Welcome festival season. Styled with J Valentine light up leg wraps, Quay Australia sunnies, TokiDoki or Rastaclat kandi, you're sure to match the drop in your bold creativity, uninhibited in your self-expression and musical reveries. Dance the night away. [Read more]